Macbook Upgrades & Repairs

Diagnostic Services

mac-repairIf you are unsure of the problem we offer free diagnostic services for all mail in repairs. Learn More
Free diagnostics with any qualified repair
Complete DiagnosticsFree
Liquid Cleaning - more info$249
Internal Dust Cleaning$45
Data Recovery - more info$89/hr
Data Migration$65/hr

Hard Drives

Store more music, photos, videos and files with a new hard drive upgrade. If your current drive is slow or clicking, a new hard drive can restore functionality to your Mac.

HardDriveIconXPricing Includes:

Installation of the new drive and transfer of your Mac data. If your current drive is failing, a new operating system is installed.

Data recovery & migration options are available.

7200rpm & Solid State Drives

7200rpm hard drives offer faster access to your files and will increase overall machine speed with little impact on battery life. Solid state drives bring quicker boot times and ultra-fast performance.

Installation included with every hard drive purchase
320GB 5400rpm$195
500GB 5400rpm$195
500GB 7200rpm$215
750GB 7200rpm$225
1TB 5400rpm$230
1TB Hybrid SSD/HD$279
128GB Solid State Drive$279
256GB Solid State Drive$349
512GB+ Solid State Drive$499+

Memory Upgrades

Upgrade your Macbook’s memory to a total of 8GB.


Installation included with every memory upgrade
2GB (1x2GB) RAM Upgrade$69
4GB (2x2GB) RAM Upgrade$79
8GB (2x4GB) RAM Upgrade$129
16GB (2x8GB) RAM Upgrade*$279
*For 2011 models and newer only.

Power & Batteries


New, high capacity batteries keep your Mac powered on the go.

Magsafe DC-In Board
The DC-in board is the port on your laptop where your wall charger connects to your laptop. If your port has been damaged or is no longer charging, a new DC-in board can return life to your Mac.

All pricing includes installation & MacbookFix’s 90 day warranty
60 Watt Magsafe Adapter$79
Mag DC-In Board$129
Mag DC-In Board 2009 & up$139
External Battery Replacement$129

Macbook Repairs

We can replace any other part on your Mac including the LCD display, keyboard, trackpad, fan, logic board, power supply, battery and case.

All pricing includes installation & MacbookFix’s 90 day warranty
Top Case w/ Keyboard (unibody)$349
Top Case w/ Keyboard$229
Trackpad Assembly (unibody)$189
Bottom Case (unibody)$199
Bottom Case$229

Macbook Screen Repair

Replace your cracked or damaged display.

All pricing includes installation & MacbookFix’s 90 day warranty
13" Glossy LCD Screen$199
13" Glossy LED Screen*$229
*LED is compatible with the late 2009 and newer MacBook only.

Macbook Optical Drive

Replace your non-functioning optical cd/dvd drive.

All pricing includes installation & MacbookFix’s 90 day warranty
8x Dual Layer Superdrive$189

Macbook Logic Board

logicboardA logic board repair or replacement may be needed if you have experienced liquid damage, video failure, power issues, overheating, or sound problems.

All pricing includes installation & MacbookFix’s 90 day warranty
Logic Board Liquid Cleaning$249
Logic Board$299
Logic Board (unibody)$399