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  • Agreement for the purchase of Customer computer/electronic equipment:

    All offers are guaranteed for 30 days when the computer is accurately described from the date of the original offer. If we receive the computer in a condition less than described (such as, missing hardware components, or physical damage), we reserve the right to make a new offer or return the computer to the Customer at there expense.

    Payment:  When computer is received and condition verified by one of our technicians, payment will be sent by check or Paypal within 72 hours of being received.

    THE Customer is responsible for erasing all personal data stored on any storage drives or portable devices. We erase & format all hard drives when possible before being recycled. WE are NOT responsible for lost data. Please backup all data prior to shipping your device. If you are in need of assistance, we are here to help.

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    If you choose to ship it yourself, we will reimburse you & add $15 to our original offer.